Thursday, September 18, 2014

Teacher Chairs!

I love my 'Teacher Chair'! This may be silly to write a post about, but I love to see how artistic and creative teachers can get with their 'chairs'! 

I have my mom to thank for mine (she helped me color coordinate it to my classroom)! 

Here's mine, 

Pretty basic and nothing too exciting, but I LOVE IT
Heaven forbid I ever change color themes!

Here are few others I found while roaming around Pinterest!

(found this one on etsy:

(this one was from

(and this cute makeover from:

What does your 'Teacher Chair' look like?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Write The Room! 2D & 3D Shapes

I love 'Write The Room' as a center in both literacy and math! I love to integrate to two into each other. So I created this '2D & 3D shape Write the Room' center. I printed mine 2per page to make it easier for me to post around the room. 

The students received the recording sheet, clip board, and pencils then were able to walk around the room and record the shape names! I also had them draw the shape so I could 'check' and make sure they were correct!

It took a few times of modeling to get it right, but in the end the students really LOVED this center and I plan to use it again several more times for review!

Click the picture below to grab this resource!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sight Word Practice

After last year (my first year) I found myself reflecting on what went well and what 'needed improvement'. Well one of my main things was my student's abilities to remember their sight words. Well that meant that I needed to come up with some more fun activities that the student's could really find engaging. Hmmm.... Well, now isn't that tricky! I wanted them to have a place they could look back and find ALL the words we had learned and something that could be a growing activity. So I created these Sight Word Mini Packs. 

I use them in my classroom every week. The students get a single worksheet where they can read, trace, and write the sight word then they can stamp it. When they are all finished we add it to our 'Sight Word' Journal and this is in their book box for quick and easy reference. So far, so good! We are still at the beginning of the year, but my kids LOVE this activity! AND SO FAR, remember their sight words! I am working on building some more sight word centers with sand, play dough, and wiki sticks, but they are still in the works. 

Below is a sample for the Sight Word 'I'

(Right now I have posted pages for the following words: I, am, is, can, to, see, my, a, at, go, like, the, in, her, she, we, and, here, you, of, come, an, he, look, up, no, mom, said, & get)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Apples Apples Everywhere!

(Click the picture to download)

I'm always trying to find new and EASY center ideas. I like centers that are ready made and require little prep, since I'm always short on time. I enjoy those ready to print centers that just require a printer (and a laminator if you want). In my classroom we have 4 Literacy Centers a day and 4 Math Centers a day, that ends up being roughly about 32 a week (since Fridays are always 'Fun Fridays'). Some of my centers are core centers (as they stay the same every week), but others I like to rotate around with a theme. 

With back to school I decided to do an apple theme. So I created these 4 literacy and math centers to use in my classroom. They are pretty easy to print and require little prep (just laminating and cutting). I enjoyed making these and enjoyed seeing my students use these in the classroom. The basic content let them practice those 'beginning of the year' skills. It lets my students practice beginning sounds, upper and lower case letter matching, one to one correspondence, and ten frames (just to name a few). I also might bring this center pack out in a few weeks for review! I hope your students enjoy these centers as much as mine did!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rainbow Roll and Write

I love this center! I use it in ALL subjects in my classroom. Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies.... you name it! Just give your students the vocabulary word (or words) and have them use a single dice. Have your students roll the dice and write the word in the corresponding color! 
Easy Peasy! 

All you need to do is color print and you have one less center you have to create. I use this almost every week and just switch up the words and my students LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Click the photo or head on over to my TPT store and grab this resource! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Reading Response

Finally getting to share these! I use these in my daily 5 'Listening Center' as an extension when they are finished listening to the story. Once students finish listening to the story, they grab one of these 'Reading Response' sheets and sit down with their books. They need to fill out the Title, Circle if they liked the story or not, and then draw/write their favorite part of the book.

I start with the first page at the beginning of the year (for my Kinders) and then change it up throughout the year to become more difficult. I add the sheets with more lines to encourage my students to write more about the book, instead of just drawing the picture!

Click the image or head on over to my TPT store to grab this pack!

Back To School - All About Me Mini Book

I used this All About Me Mini Book this week in my classroom as a center! We created this book (a few pages a day) and by the end of the week we had our own ~personalized~ books!

Click the Photo to GRAB this resource!